Turntables & Vinyl accessories


Everyone is talking about vinyl these days and with good reason! In a supposedly digital age it’s heartening to see so many people, from every generation, reconnecting with new and classic albums on vinyl. We’ve hand-picked a small range of  turntables which we will be stocking so you too can join the vinyl revolution!


For those looking for a quality but affordable option that is still relatively hassle-free we have the Lenco L-85 turntable in stock for £99. This very user-friendly deck has the distinct advantage of featuring a built-in phono stage, meaning you can run a pair of active speakers directly into the deck, no amp required! The L-85 looks sleek and modern, has a clear perspex lid . The lightweight deck is surprisingly sturdily built and is also USB compatible so you can record your records to digital, this comes highly recommended.


And if you’re really serious…

We are now also stocking the highly rated Rega RP1 turntables which retail for £245. These simple but exquisitely engineered decks have been rated so highly by What Hi-Fi that they are considered a strong challenger to the likes of Pro-Ject, who have dominated the market at this price range. With Rega’s skill for high-end equipment channelled into an affordable deck this is a quality piece of kit for those looking to build a home listening set-up.


We now also carry a range of turntables by Dual and Bluetooth speakers from Edifier (pictured below). We are also now able to offer a fairly large range of alternative decks, speakers and other hi-fi equipment to order in within a couple of days. Feel free to ask in store and we’ll see if we can meet your hi-fi needs!

edifier speaker

Alongside these turntables we have usually got stock of vinyl cleaning kits, including brushes, cleaning fluid, stylus brushes etc. We also have some rather nifty vinyl storage boxes from Steepletone which retail at £39.99 and come in a range of retro-cool colours.