Record Store Day 2019

RSD_singleline_BLACK with 2019 date

Well folks here we are again! We’re starting to get ourselves geared up for the biggest, busiest, most bonkers day of the year; Record Store Day!

The official RSD product list is now available for your perusal below.  At this stage we are still receiving details of the titles from the various record companies so we’ve not yet worked out the prices on the titles, plus there will inevitably be some additions and removals from the list.

RSD 2019 Stocklist Printable

With 500+ titles to look over you can probably imagine the ordering process is somewhat tricky! We will use our years of experience and canny instincts (?) to put together our orders, however the more information we have from you guys as to what you’d want to find on the day the better!

Below is an email form so you can send us your wants lists from the available titles. We will use this information to aid us in deciding quantities to order. If we find that a requested title is going to be significantly more expensive than one would expect we’ll follow up to check you were still interested with a ballpark price figure. Please note sending us a want list IS NOT a guarantee we will have the title and is DEFINITELY NOT a reservation! Remember RSD rules are very strict so there’s no reservations and it’s first-come-first-served!

Due to RSD being earlier than usual this year we have less time between the launch and the ordering deadlines so please do get in touch as soon as possible