Record Store Day 2018

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Well that was fun wasn’t it!

Here we are on the other side of our biggest ever Record Store Day, nay biggest day ever and us Truckers are all elated, if a little broken! A huge thanks to everyone who came along on the day, those who waited from daft o’clock in the morning, those that added to the camaraderie of the queue, those who rocked up in the afternoon to see what was left… all of you made our hard work worth it!

Also a huge thanks to the Mostro team who were awake almost as early as you lot serving coffee and cupcakes, George from Musical Medicine who’s epic funk and disco DJ set got us through the afternoon and an extra special thanks to Scott Matthews. Those that caught Scott’s Sunday afternoon set were treated to an incredible, deeply textured and atmospheric set of truly hypnotic beauty! Scott’s new album hits the shelves this Friday (27th April) and he returns to Oxford on 15th May for what promises to be a special show at SJE Arts… Not to be missed!

scott matthews instore

scott matthews





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Check out the first batch of photos from the awesome Jacob Holdsworth, there’s more to come, plus a video of the day so watch this space!




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Here is the second batch of Jacob‘s photos!

While we sold out of a-lot of titles on the day (yep those Abba singles didn’t last long!) there’s still a lot of goodies up for grabs. Now’s a great opportunity to explore some of the less headline-grabbing titles from the RSD list; those Afrobeat represses or obscure 60’s psych records that are bound to sound as cool as they look!

We’ll be moving stock between our 2 stores and replenishing where we can so before you feed the eBay monster check out our leftovers! We’ll update this list frequently as many of these titles are down to just 1 or 2 copies so feel free to drop us a line and check availability.

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