Record Store Day 2017

RSD 2017 cropped

Well folks we’re not far away from the biggest day in the calender and this year it’s an extra special one as it’s the 10th anniversary of Record Store Day! We know you’re all here for the list of exclusives so let’s get straight to it!

You can browse through the list of titles here, RSD Master List 2017 (edit)

(please note the prices listed are estimates and everything is subject to change…)

From the publication date we will have only a few days to gather feedback from customers before we place our orders. To that end it would be really helpful to our ordering process if you could use the form below to let us know what you are hoping to pick up on the big day, in particular anything which may be considered a little obscure! Please note this does not count as a reservation of the title, it’s purely to ascertain what titles are going to be most popular!

And now for a little more information about Record Store Day. 

Way back in 2007 the event was started as a way to champion and possibly revive the devastated independent record store network in the US and later UK and beyond. At the time indie stores were feeling the pinch as supermarkets and online retailers forced prices into the ground, while downloading became more and more prevalent. This was an opportunity for stores to celebrate their place in their communities and the vital role they play in championing new music.

With each year the event got bigger and gained more attention, meanwhile the landscape of music retail started to shift as sales of vinyl increased dramatically. In many ways the event succeeded and surpassed its intentions as now there are more independent stores opening all the time, vinyl sales have surpassed all expectations and we’ve reached the landmark 10th anniversary of the event. It’s very much a time to celebrate but we’ll certainly not be resting on our laurels! This is a day to highlight the hard work and dedication put in by stores who, against all odds, have continued to represent new music and music lovers. It’s hard work but we do it because we love it!

We will have more information soon about plans for the big day but in the meantime we look forward to hearing from you!