Teenage Fanclub – Endless Arcade, Dinked Edition


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Dinked 81 is a huge one – the 12th studio album from the Glaswegian Alt-rock legends Teenage Fanclub! Endless Arcade is released on March 5th by the band’s own label, Pema Records.

Teenage Fanclub are back to follow up 2016’s wonderfully mellow Here with another album of beautiful harmonies and relaxed grooves. Having mainly been written and recorded by last November, Endless Arcade finds the band lyrically in search of meaning and channeling this yearning into tracks that are cathartic and philosophical in equal measure. Musically this is classic Teenage Fanclub – guitars jangle and bite and the rhythm section holds down a laid-back backbone. This is Teenage Fanclub at their best and we’re glad they’re back!

The Dinked Edition of Endless Arcade is on 1000 limited and numbered yellow vinyl with a die-cut sleeve and an exclusive postcard and signed print.

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