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The Nottingham minimal-punk firebrands are back with another album of their trademark politically charged anti-anthems. In frontman Jason Williamson’s own words:

‘Our lives are expendable under most governments, secondary under a system of monetary rule. We are stock if you like, parts on a shelf for the purposes of profit, discarded at any moment if fabricated or non-fabricated crisis threatens productivity. This is constant, obviously and notably in the current pandemic. The masses cannot be present in the minds of ill-fitting leaders, surely? Or else the realisation of their catastrophic management would cripple their minds. Much like the human body can still survive without a full set of ribs we are all ‘spare ribs’, preservation for capitalism, through ignorance and remote rule, available for parts.’

Spare Ribs is released on January 15th and is available to pre-order on CD, standard black LP and Indies Exclusive green LP.

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