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We’re back with Dinked 103, the debut album from London-based Irish singer-songwriter-producer Fears. Oíche is released on May 7th by TULLE, a new collective to support women and non-binary artists.

Fears is the project of the London-based singer-songwriter Constance Keane, with Oíche being the culmination of 5 years of work. Recorded across 3 bedrooms, a hospital and Domino’s London studios, the album traces Keane’s life through relationship changes, life challenges and emotional instability, examining her internal dialogue as she comes to peace with uncertainty. Musically, Oíche deftly combines minimal electronic production with hints of the organic from acoustic samples and field recordings, providing a sparse bed for Keane’s delicate vocals. This is a truly special album, full of emotional depth.

The Dinked Edition of Oíche is on 400 limited and hand-numbered light rose LP with an exclusive handmade pink tulle sleeve.

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