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We’re back with Dinked 75, the new album from the Brighton-based alt-rockers (and friends of the shop!) Black Honey! Written & Directed is released on January 29th by Fox Five Records.

A lot has changed for Black Honey since the release of 2018’s self-titled debut, with the band having been made NME cover stars, reaching the top 40 and supporting Queens Of The Stone Age and Royal Blood on tour. All of this has paid off in a new confident swagger for the band, moving from the indie pop sound of their first album to a much more direct alt-rock snarl, having been encouraged to do so by their aforementioned long-time friends Royal Blood. Written & Directed lyrically explores the world of grindhouse cinema and classic pulp films, reframing them into female-led narratives about power and identity. This is the sound of a band with a newfound sense of confidence and swagger!

The Dinked Edition of Written & Directed is on 600 limited signed black and red marble vinyl with an exclusive inverted colour sleeve.


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