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The Vinyl Revival & The Shops That Made It Happen

vinyl revival

Released 21st September 2018

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The forthcoming new book from Graham Jones, author of ‘Last Shop Standing’ explores the recent resurgence of vinyl as the format of choice for music lovers and obviously this is something very close to our hearts here at Truck Store! Since 2009 over 100 new independent record stores have opened up and it’s no coincidence that this has happened during this vinyl revival, Graham’s book uses the experiences of the stores on the front-line, including Truck Store and our sister store Rapture, to tell the tale. As a sales rep for Proper music, one of our biggest distributors, Graham has spent 32 years travelling the country visiting independent record shops so is ideally placed to tell their story!

Graham will be visiting the shop on Thursday 25th October for a book reading and Q&A

Graham Jones – ‘The Vinyl Revival & The Shops That Made It Happen’ – Book pre-order