Dinked #13 – Black Peaches pre-order

Dinked Edition #13 is here and this ones really interesting! These guys may well be new to most of you but you’ll be very much aware of the circles they move in! The 2nd album from Black PeachesFire In The Hole‘ is released on 17th May via Hanging Moon Records and the Dinked Edition is pretty special! Coming on exclusive teal vinyl and limited to just 350 copies this numbered edition also comes with an exclusive 7″ and signed 12″ print!

You can pre-order your copy in-store or use the Paypal option below and we’ll have it held ready in-store for you on the day of release. If you’d like to have your LP posted out please also add the postage payment option to your order and ensure you give us the correct address. Please note at this time we are only shipping within the UK at a flat rate of £4.50 per LP.



Black Peaches – Fire In The Hole, Dinked Edition (Pre-order)

This is a pre-order for the Dinked Edition of Black Peaches 'Fire In The Hole'. The record will be held in-store ready for collection on, or after 17th May. If you'd like us to post out your copy please choose the option below with P&P inclusive




Black Peaches – Fire In The Hole, Dinked Edition (Pre-order with UK Postage)

This is a pre-order of the Dinked Edition of the new Black Peaches album ‘Fire In The Hole’ with £3.50 included for UK postage & packaging, please make sure you provide us the correct shipping address


Black Peaches come from a musical point halfway between the swamp and the tropics. Their music is a psychotropic stew of country boogie, spiritual jazz and funk. With fuzz-toned slide guitars, Latin percussion and shimmering keyboards, Black Peaches sound is a cinematic experience, the soundtrack to a bar fight at the country disco or an incantation of the black arts.

Black Peaches are led by Rob Smoughton, probably best known as a long-time member of Hot Chip and Scritti Politti, and whose alter-ego Grovesnor has released a number of albums to critical acclaim. To form Black Peaches, Rob hand-picked a diverse group of London’s finest musical collaborators in order to create a band that is much more than the sum of its parts. Black Peaches’ highly regarded musicians have also worked with Floating Points, Alexis Taylor, Zongamin, Karl Blau, Karen Elson, Vanishing Twin, Cold Specks, Reverend John Wilkins, The Severed Limb and many others.