Slowdive – Slowdive. Pre-order now.

We’ve only had to wait a mere 22 years for it, but local(ish) legends and shoegaze pioneers Slowdive are back with a new album released on May 5th 2017!


The self titled album is released through Dead Oceans and is available on CD (10.99), Cassette (7.99) and limited edition indies-exclusive silver LP (19.99).

You can pre-order the album using the form below

The world has finally caught up with Slowdive. A band whose reach goes far beyond just influencing music is back, with their first new album in 22 years.

The album is called ‘Slowdive’ – self-titled in an echo of their debut EP from 1990, and is remarkably direct. Deftly swerving what co-vocalist/guitarist Rachel Goswell terms “a trip down memory lane”, these eight new tracks are simultaneously expansive and the sonic pathfinders’ most direct material to date.

Self-titled with quiet confidence, Slowdive’s stargazing alchemy is set to further entrance the faithful while beguiling a legion of fresh ears.