Black Friday 2017

As most people know, in the good ol’ U.S of A, ‘Black Friday’ has become something of a big deal for retailers, a day when stores go into sales overdrive and everyone looses their minds a little! Over the last couple of years this uniquely American event has crept into the consciousness of UK retailers as-well resulting in a mini-Record Store Day style event hitting our store on 24th November. There are many titles being released in the US but some are also being made available to the UK market.

We don’t tend to jump in quite as 2-footed as we do for the regular April RSD but we will be carrying limited numbers of titles. Below you can see a few of the goodies up for grabs, there’s likely to be more titles emerging over the next week or so as-well. Keep in mind however many of the releases you may hear about are US only so may not be getable! We’ll include a contact form at the bottom of the page so feel free to drop us a line and ask questions or let us know what you like the look of from below to help us gauge interest!