Marconi Union – Signals, Dinked Edition Pre-order

We’re back with Dinked 140, the new album from Manchester electronic trio Marconi Union! Signals is released on November 5th by Just Music.

Following on from 2019’s beautiful Dead Air, Marconi Union are back with a new album, and with it, a new sound. After a largely beat-free last album, the trio decided to take inspiration from drummers, reimagining their sound as if they were collaborating with greats such as Tony Allen, Clive Deamer and Jaki Liebezeit. The result is a collection of deftly produced tracks of floating synthetic textures and sparse guitar work, layered with drums to ground and propel them. This is a truly fantastic album which is sure to appeal to fans of Public Service Broadcasting, 65daysofstatic and Richard Norris.

The Dinked Edition of Signals is on 500 limited and numbered heavyweight silver 2LP with a bonus exclusive CD of reworks.