Gruff Rhys – Seeking New Gods, Dinked Edition Pre-order

We’re back with a big one – Dinked 106 is the new album from Super Furry Animals frontman and all around Welsh indie legend Gruff Rhys! Seeking New Gods is released on May 21st by Rough Trade Records.

An artist who really needs no introduction, Gruff Rhys is a true legend in the indie world, both from his time in the Super Furries and his solo work. Following on from his excellent 2019 album Pang (a big shop favourite!), Rhys is moving on to an ambitious project – creating an album that tells the story of Mount Paektu, an active East Asian volcano! Seeking New Gods sees Rhys reflecting on the huge, inhuman timescales of the volcano, almost personifying it. In his own words: “The album is about people and the civilisations, and the spaces people inhabit over periods of time. How people come and go but the geology sticks around and changes more slowly. I think it’s about memory and time,” he suggests of Seeking New Gods’ meaning. “It’s still a biography of a mountain, but now it’s a Mount Paektu of the mind. You won’t learn much about the real mountain from listening to this record but you will feel something, hopefully.”

The Dinked Edition of Seeking New Gods is on 1200 limited and numbered light and dark green splatter LP with an exclusive bonus flexi disk, signed 10″ print and a die cut mountain sleeve.