Hiss Golden Messenger – Quietly Blowing It, Dinked Edition Pre-order

Dinked 104 is a big one – the new album from indie folk legend Hiss Golden Messenger. Quietly Blowing It is released on June 25th by Merge Records.

Hiss Golden Messenger, the project of singer-songwriter M.C. Taylor, has quietly put out some of the most stunningly beautiful alt-country out there over the past 13 years and 11 studio albums. Quietly Blowing It sees the prolific songwriter turning inward as being suddenly quarantined alone last year forced him to reflect on the past few years of his life; these writing sessions were fruitful, producing over two-dozen songs which he whittled down before taking them to his live band for recording. The album that emerged from their North Carolina recording sessions is rich and textured, evoking the best of Southern soul and wistful Americana, with Taylor’s warm production wrapping the whole thing in a nostalgic blanket.

The Dinked Edition of Quietly Blowing It is on 500 limited and numbered powder blue swirl LP with a newsprint poster and exclusive Live In Leeds CD.