LICE – WASTELAND: What Ails Our People Is Clear, Dinked Edition

We’re back with Dinked 78, the new album from the Bristol post-punk upstarts LICE. WASTELAND: What Ails Our People Is Clear is released on January 8th by Settled Law Records.

LICE have been one of British post-punk’s worst-kept secrets, having proven themselves as a ferocious live act supporting Idles, Girl Band, Squid, Fat White Family and even The Fall, and their excellent double EP It All Worked Out Great (released on Idles’ Balley Records) proved that they could carry this over to the studio. Now, for their first album proper, LICE have switched to a wilder, more experimental art-punk sound, taking cues from psych rock, prog, industrial and minimalism. Lyrically, WASTELAND… tackles the band’s disillusionment with what they felt was a reductive message of good and evil that formed the backbone of modern British punk, instead choosing to base the album around an allegorical concept featuring time travel, shapeshifters and even talking genitalia!

The Dinked Edition of WASTELAND… is on 400 limited orange vinyl with an exclusive logo patch, print and pamphlet of lyric explanation.