Buck Meek – Two Saviors, Dinked Edition Pre-order

We’re back with Dinked 74, the new album from Big Thief’s Buck Meek. Two Saviors is released on January 15th by Keeled Scales.

Following up his 2018 self titled debut, Buck Meek is back with another album of beautiful pastoral Americana. Meek’s work has always revolved around telling stories and Two Saviors is no different; however, this time his songwriting is more personal, exploring themes of pain and healing. Recorded in New Orleans by Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Hand Habits, Bon Iver) over a 7 day period during the hottest part of the year, and recorded with an 8-track tape machine set up so that the artists could not hear their takes back until the last day, Two Saviors is a raw album of alt-Americana instant classics with wonderfully loose instrumentation and wonky vintage sounding production. Fans of Bill Callahan, Bonny Light Horseman, H.C. McEntire and early Bright Eyes have just found their new favourite album!

The Dinked Edition of Two Saviors is on 400 limited ‘Blue Dream Iceberg Wave’ vinyl with an exclusive white flexi disc of Sam Bridges and 1 of 3 digital prints.