AK/DK – Shared Particles, Dinked Edition Pre-order

We’re very excited to bring you Dinked 69 – the new album from the Brighton-based Motorik Synth duo, AK/DK! Shared Particles is released on Little Miss Echo Recordings on November 27th.

AK/DK have long been a thrilling live band, fusing distorted modular synth with a unique twin drummer setup, and Shared Particles fuses the energy of their live sets with their studio synth experimentation, resulting in the band’s most propulsive and electric album yet. Whilst there is clear influence from the Krautrock legends of Can and Devo, Shared Particles goes beyond these influences, incorporating squealing feedback, ethereal psychedelic textures and contributions from Brazilian artists, from their week spent recording in Belém. Shared Particles is a must-buy for fans of Snapped Ankles, Holy Fuck and W.H. Lung!

The Dinked Edition of Shared Particles is released on 500 limited and numbered starburst LPs with an exclusive mirrorboard sleeve, signed postcard with download code and remix CD including remixes from W.H. Lung, Snapped Ankles, A Certain Ratio, Plastic Mermaids, Warm Digits and Ibibio Sound Machine!