Faten Kanaan – A Mythology of Circles, Dinked Edition

We’re back to regularly scheduled Dinked programming with Dinked 68 – the new album from the Brooklyn-based ambient electronic maestro, Fatn Kanaan. A Mythology of Circles is released on November 13th via Fire Records.

A Mythology of Circles finds Kanaan at her most sweeping and cinematic, having been inspired by Greek mythology and its storytelling structures which brings us an album of beautiful textures that deftly blend the organic with the digital, and beautiful evolving tracks that explore the relationship between humanity and technology. Every sound on A Mythology of Circles was played in live, with no looping or sequencing, and this brings a uniquely human feel. Fans of Mary Lattimore, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Tim Hecker will find much to love here.

The Dinked Edition of A Mythology of Circles is released on November 13th on 300 limited red and white ‘Inkspot’ vinyl with a bespoke hand-numbered moon phase calendar.