Andy Bell – The View From Halfway Down, Pre-order

We’re very excited to announce the debut album from the Ride frontman, Oasis guitarist and all around OX4 legend that is Andy Bell. Written and recorded over the last 4 years, The View From Halfway Down is Bell’s debut solo album, combining the disparate styles that he’s explored in Ride and GLOK, which results in an album that is widescreen in scope and deeply textured. The View From Halfway Down features production from fellow ex-Oasis member Gem Archer, with the pair deftly combining influences as varied as Stereolab, The Beta Band, The Stone Roses and The Byrds, and with Bell’s unconventional songwriting, eschewing typical song structures in favour of more experimental soundscapes. This is sure to be an album of the year contender here at Truck HQ!

The View From Halfway Down is released on October 9th and is available to pre-order on CD and blue LP.