Kelly Lee Owens – Inner Song, Dinked Edition

Welsh techno-pop songsmith Kelly Lee Owens follows her stellar eponymous debut album, a quixotic blend of body-moving beats and introspective songwriting that garnered numerous accolades from the music press, with  Inner Song, and is set to be released 28th August as Dinked Edition #44! (please note release date change)

Her latest album also comes off of what Owens describes as “the hardest three years of my life,” an emotionally fraught time that, in her words, “Definitely impacted my creative life and everything I’d worked for up to that point”. As with her debut, Owens holed up in the studio with co-producer, collaborator and friend James Greenwood —and letting loose in the studio and being open to whatever sonic whims emerge was essential to Inner Song‘s aura and Kelly’s creative freedom.

The result is magnificent: hair-raising bass and tickling synth-textures drive home that, more so than ever, Owens is locked in to delivering maximal sonic pleasure— and this is supported by the decision to make the album’s vinyl release a sesqui album, or triple-sided album. However, it is her introspection that really informs this album – it truly is a discovery of the self for all to share in.

Kelly Lee Owens dinked packshot

Limited to 700 copies, Dinked Editions come with a signed and numbered exclusive art print, double clear vinyl (chosen by Kelly herself!) with etching on Side D, and a bonus hidden track on Side C!

Advanced pre-orders are now sold out on this title. We may have some stock in-store the week of release