Katie Von Schleicher – Consummation, Dinked Edition

Following the success of Squirrel Flower’s debut album earlier this year, Dinked #45 is another release from indie label Full Time Hobby and comes in the form of dark chamber-pop starlet Katie Von Schleicher’s second album,  Consummation, set to be released 25th May!

Blasting past the lo-fi power ballads of her debut Shitty Hits (2017) with a severe expansion of her sonic palette, Consummation is a catalogue of 13 shape-shifting songs depicting a deeply personal exploration of trauma. Inspired in part by an alternate interpretation of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, Von Schleicher was struck by the film’s largely unanalyzed subtext of abuse and used this to inform the record. The result is both potent and listenable; strange and familiar; intense and entertaining—and, perhaps most of all, teeming with life.

Synths and drum machines create an unsettling, dream-like territory over which her self-assured voice floats above the fray. Tracks vary in genre and tempo, ranging from pulsating, electronic rockers to upbeat and jagged kraut to melancholic, cosmic ballads.

KVS - Consummation - Album Cover dinked


The Dinked Edition is limited to just 300 copies on clear vinyl,  it also comes with an exclusive bonus 7″, tote bag and hand-numbered sleeve! You can get your pre-orders in using the links below for store collection or UK shipping. For international shipping please contact us BEFORE placing an order as rates may vary

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