Juniore – Un Deux Trois, Dinked Editon

Dinked #37 is the brand new album from French outfit Juniore, released on the Outre label on 28th February.

The “yéyé noir” of Juniore has always been rooted in the cinematic as much as the musical. The Paris outfit’s blending of 1960s French pop, hazy psychedelia, seamless pop, surf grooves and lush orchestration feels as intertwined with big screen aesthetics as greatly as it does being found in the grooves of vinyl. So it makes perfect sense that the band would sooner or later find themselves appearing on more film and TV soundtracks, including the universally lauded drama Killing Eve.


The Dinked edition of the LP is limited to 500 copies on heavyweight vinyl, it comes in an alternative sleeve with bonus 7″, postcard and beer mat!

juniore dinked bundle mock-up_zoom

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