Portico Quartet – Memory Streams 2019, Dinked Edition

We’re very pleased to announce the next Dinked Edition comes courtesy of the fantastic Portico Quartet!

The Dinked Edition, #27 for those keeping score, is limited to just 500 copies and is pressed on translucent blue vinyl. The LP comes with a poster of the album art and spot gloss sleeve!  This one hits shelves on Friday 4th October; more juicy details below.

portico mock up

Portico Quartet return with Memory Streams, their fifth studio album and one that continues the journey that first started with 2008’s Mercury nominated debut Knee Deep in the North Sea. It’s a creative path that has seen the band embrace new technology and explore ambient and electronic influences alongside minimalism, jazz and beyond. It is a process that has encouraged change. Each album has seen the band expand its palette or explore new trajectories. From the gentle charm of their breakthrough’s inimitable mix of jazz, world and minimalist influences, to the tight-knit brilliance of Isla, the electronic infused eponymous Portico Quartet to 2016’s return Art in the Age of Automation (the band’s most electronic statement to date) they have never been a band to look backwards. Each record has been its own world, its own statement and offered its own meaning. It’s the mark of a band that has always both stood apart from any scene and been prepared to challenge its self and find new things to say and to push the limits of what they could do.

Sonically, the album embraces the classic Portico Quartet sound palette of drums, saxophone, bass and Hang-Drums, but nonetheless the sound has modulated, become more modern, whilst still channelling the beauty and mystery which has always marked the very best of Portico Quartet’s music. It’s the sound of a band at ease with its self who after a dozen years of recording and playing together are able to simultaneously explore and embrace their own identity.

You can pre-order your copy using the options below, for either store collection or postage within the UK. For international shipping please contact us directly BEFORE placing an order

Portico Quartet- Memory Streams 2019, Dinked Edition (Pre-order, store collection)


Portico Quartet – Memory Stream 2019, Dinked Edition (Pre-order, with UK Postage)

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