Truck Store Recommends – The Last Dinosaur

Quite possibly the most beautiful mediations on death you’ll hear all year.
This Cambridge based group, centred around the songwriting and arranging talents of Jamie Cameron, have crafted a deeply textured album of blissed-out reverie and poignant melancholia, a sublime listen in which understatement is king.

Mostly constructed from strings, piano, saxophone and acoustic guitar, the album drifts along like an opioid dream, with a number of more experimental instrumental numbers acting as segues between the melancholic folk songs. These ambient elements infuse the whole album with a quiet dignity befitting the subject matter; these songs are catharsis for Cameron who lost a best friend in a car accident and the sense of dealing with loss is palpable throughout.

Ultimately though this sombre, sober and mature album is infused with such beauty it stands as a fitting tribute to a life lost and touches on universal themes.

Recommended if you love Talk Talk, The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, C. Duncan or Sparklehorse

last dinosaur



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