King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard – The Murder Of The Universe

The 7 piece Australian travelling nutjob circus return with the 2nd of a proposed 5 albums in 2017 and it’s an absolute humdinger!
Rampaging hell-for-leather through 21 tracks in a little over 45 minutes, the album tells 3 distinct tales of sci-fi horror insanity featuring man-beast humans, lightning warriors, a Balrog and a vomit obsessed cyborg… Not your average lyrical content for sure!

There’s definitely shades of the narrative-driven overblown ridiculousness of peak-prog here, particularly the spoken-word passages that carry the tales, yet the sheer relentlessly frenzied playing, the band’s duel drummers often shifting the time
signature numerous times per passage, is never less than deliriously invigorating.
Imagine unearthing a great lost gem from the Vertigo Records archive, playing it a double speed and finding out it sounds better that way anyway! Inspired madness.

king gizzard


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