Nadia Reid – Preservation

New Zealander Reid returns with a truly stunning follow-up to last year’s breakthrough ‘Listen To Formation…’, an album which seemingly came from nowhere but was actually the culmination of many years spent honing her craft on local turf before setting her sights wider.

Those blown away by that album’s mixture of heart-on-sleeve intimacy and something a little more raw and gutsy will be pleased to hear this new album continues in the same vein. With her commanding yet melancholic voice drifting languid over shimmering, reverby guitar, Reid’s most intimate songs are full of space and recall the likes of Tiny Ruins in their exquisite stillness. Yet even when she brings in a fuller band sound, such as on the barbed ‘Richard’, the dense atmosphere is still tantalisingly intimate and direct.
With it’s heavy atmosphere of late-night heartbreak and haunted melancolia this is an album that will appeal to fans of Sharon Van Etten or early Cat Power but shows Reid has a voice and presence all of her own

nadia reid


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