Blaenavon – That’s Your Lot

This young trio from Hampshire have taken their time getting to this, their debut album, after initially releasing a single in 2013 before they’d finished their A-Levels. Thankfully it’s been very much worth the wait as this album is a deep and sprawling collection of indie songs permeated with both the fears and self-assurances of youth. Their sound is at times broodingly dark, a melancholic swirl akin to Daughter or The Horrors but they are also more than capable of dropping an indie-anthem The Maccabees would be proud of.
With front-man Ben Gregory they have a heart-on-sleeve troubador capable of writing intensely personal lyrics while channelling a Morrissey-esque withering wit. There’s a hell of a lot of emotions crammed into this album, but then it does capture
a period of intense change and growth for most young people.As with all the best debuts this satisfies on many levels but hints at even greater things to come.

Blaenavon – That’s Your Lot, CD

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