Spoon – Hot Thoughts

You’ve probably heard Spoon even if you don’t know it. Their songs seem to permanently soundtrack American TV dramas and amongst your extended friends somewhere there will most likely be a Spoon fanatic telling you that this Texan combo are the greatest and most underrated band in the world!

Like contemporaries The Shins & Death Cab For Cutie, Spoon have a certain familiarity and confident class that sees them pick up new fans with every release who remain loyal for life, on their 9th album things remain gloriously the same!
Built from driving rhythms, stabbing piano and crunching guitar riffs and topped off by front-man Britt Daniel’s rasping, pleading vocals Spoon songs have an almost effortless panache. Yet things are never quite as simple as they seem, much like Wilco (probably their most comparative band), every song has a clever flourish, unexpected tempo shift or ingeniously simple yet compelling hook to keep you returning.

Spoon will keep making great records, it’s up to you to catch up with them now!



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