Agnes Obel – Citizen of Glass

Berlin based Danish musician Agnes Obel returns with a creation that (for want of a less pretentious sounding phrase) is an immersive sound experience.  She’s filled out her sound somewhat by adding a variety of new and experimental elements: instruments used include a trautonium (yeah we hadn’t heard of it’s a rare type of synthesiser from the 1920s).

Overall, however, her songs retain their essential fragility, echoing the brittle imagery brought to mind by the title.  Obel has explained that this was actually inspired by the German concept of gläserner burger, the human or glass citizen, which refers to the level of privacy individuals have in a state: a pertinent idea for this age of mass information sharing.

This sense of unease is conveyed by a certain unnerving undertone that pervades the record. A haunting, beautiful listen.



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