Ed Harcourt – Furnaces

The Wimbledon born singer-songwriter returns with his 7th album and it’s an instant classic! These are huge, widescreen, raging beasts of songs which are as far away from the man-with-piano image so often assumed of Harcourt. Filled with fire and brimstone vitriol, dark foreboding, references to Greek gods and an epic cinematic quality this album sees Harcourt shift into the kind of apocalyptic preacher-man role of Nick Cave or Tom Waits at others he evokes The Bends-era Radiohead

Album highlights such as ‘The World is on Fire’, ‘Loup Garou’ and the almighty title track are melodically brilliant, complex and ornate in their arrangements and as immediate as any pop song and while it seems almost cruel to say after 15 years of critical acclaim but this could be the album that sees Harcourt really break big and become one of the countries most cherished talents.

Forget what you think you know and embrace the darkness!




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