Daniel Romano – Mosey

The prolific Canadian singer-songwriter returns with a new album and another complete overhaul of his sound and look.
Gone is the Nudie-suited honky tonk of yore in favour of a reverb-drenched country-pyschedelia akin to ‘Rolling Thunder’ era Dylan or Lee Hazlewood’s cult solo releases.
The Hazelwood influence is most pronounced on the album’s most playful track ‘Toulouse’ in which Hollywood actress Rachel McAdams joins the party and the finest ‘woo-woo-woo’s of the year are out in force! Romano’s nasally vocals sit atop an effortlessly cool beatnik backdrop of fuzzy guitars and swirling keys, the cinematic arrangements creating the effect that you’ve stumbled upon a dusty copy of some lost Spaghetti Western soundtrack in the same thrift-store where Romano browses for personas, while there’s plenty of room for the Ontario native to indluge his inner troubadour on some classic high and lonesome tear-stained weepies


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