Stephen Steinbrink – Anagrams

Stephen Steinbrink is a somewhat nomadic, restless soul who has released 7 albums to date, but was under most people’s radar until 2014’s sublime ‘Arranged Waves’ on the Melodic label. We’re very glad we stumbled across this most elusive of talents and are pleased to say his new album is just as beautiful.

Recorded in a retrofitted analogue studio in a de-sanctified church near Washington, the sense of intimacy within an enormous space seeps into the record and adds a sense of poignancy to Steinbrink’s breezy yet melancholic songs. In many ways Steinbrink is an anachronism in these times as he has taken a distinctly old-school indie approach to learning his craft, through DIY recordings and endless touring he’s following a path previously walked by artists like The Shins or Elliott Smith, whose bruised but beautiful melancholia is a clear reference point.

Yet there’s an experimental edge to this album which adds greatly to the inherent darkness of many of the lyrics here, which capture the thoughts of an artist who clearly spends a-lot of time in his own head, but through masterfully balancing the heaviness of his themes with a lightness of touch in his arrangements Steinbrink has made an album to treasure

stephen steinbrink



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