Lera Lynn – Resistor

Texan singer-songwriter Lynn crafted 2 sublime albums of increasingly dark Americana before landing a recurring role in HBO’s 2nd season of True Detective; that was her singing
the saddest of songs in the gloomy bar each episode, which has catapulted her to a new level of popularity.

That more people get to hear her smoky, sultry tones can only  be a good thing and her new album does not disappoint. Constructed in a measured minor-key, with Lynn and long-time collaborator Joshua Grange keeping everything relatively minimal throughout this is a beguiling and intimate listen.  The album is beautifully plotted, with the punchy opener ‘Shapeshifter’ (a song which brings a Breeders-esque alt-rock element to Lynn’s sound) setting the tone before the album settles into a languid, country-noir haze reminiscent of The Cowboy Junkies or even Mazzy Star. Highly recommended!

lera lynn resistor


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