Moulettes – Preternatural

This extraordinary Brighton based band return with an eye-opening and career best new album which gloriously jettisons any lingering idea that they are a folk band! These huge, complex, barmy but brilliant songs are infused with a sense of wonder at the power of nature, as singer/ cellist Hannah Miller crafts powerful metaphors for love, creativity and more from such natural wonders as the Japanese Pufferfish habit of crafting symmetrical circles on the ocean floor to attract a mate, or the harmonious relationship between plant and fish that is the Coral Reef.

These tales are told via the medium of huge, prog-infused songs which incorporate electric cello, bassoon, autoharp and multi-part vocal harmonies to create a sound that recalls everything from Kate Bush and Bjork to Tool, Van Der Graaf Generator and even Dirty Projectors.

Imagine if Attenborough documentaries had Bond themes and you’ve a good idea the delights that await.


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