Oscar – Cut & Paste

Oscar Scheller is indie-pop’s new boy next door, a floppy-fringed wide-eyed, fresh-faced romantic with a sampler in one hand, a guitar in the other and a bunch of flowers in his back pocket.

His debut album for Wichita has been cut & pasted together from a
few years worth of self-made bedroom DIY recordings, a period in which he also wrote for Lily Allen and Sugababes spin-off MKS (this is a pop record y’know) and is a zippy collection of synth and sample-infused garage rock/pop numbers which happily embrace youth and innocence. Part of the same lineage as Blur, The Maccabees, even Jack Penate, Oscar is very much a product of  his own generation but finds ways to transcend and universalise his experiences.

Oscar’s warm Morrissey-meets Albarn croon is applied to lyrics about teenage love, youthful anxiety and broken phones while his effortless knack for a winning hook make this an instantly appealing, charmer of a record!


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