New Releases – 29/04/2016

Take a look at this week’s exciting selection of new releases! Let us know if you’d like any title reserved in store

  • King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard – Nonagon Infinity (CD, LP)
  • Brian Eno – The Ship (CD, Limited edition CD, LP)
  • The Jayhawks – Paging Mr Proust (CD, LP)
  • Imarhan – Imarhan (CD,LP)
  • Melt Yourself Down – Last Evenings On Earth (CD,LP)
  • Travis – Everything At Once (CD, CD&DVD)
  • RM Hubbert – Telling The Trees (CD,LP)
  • Various Artists  – The Ladies of Too Slow To Disco (CD,LP)
  • Adam Green – Aladin (CD,LP)
  • Kyle Craft – Dolls of Highland (CD, Limited LP)
  • John Williams – Star Wars – The Force Awakens OST (4x pic disc LP)
  • Aesop Rock – The Impossible Kid (CD)
  • Discharge – End of Days (CD)
  • Dragonforce – Killer Elite – The Hits (CD)
  • Cream – Classic Album Collection (CD Boxset)
  • Doomsquad – Total Time (CD)
  • Afro Celt Soundsystem – The Source (CD)
  • Purson – Desire’s Magic Theatre (CD)
  • The Barr Brothers – Alta Falls (10″)
  • Kenneth James Gibson – The Evening Falls (CD)
  • Rob Zombie – The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser (CD)
  • 9Bach – Anian (CD)
  • A Dead Forest Index – In All That Drifts From the Summit Down (CD)
  • Damir Imamovic’s Sevdah Takht – Dvojka (LP)
  • Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswold Present Bordrland – Transport (CD)
  • Various Artists – Close to the Noise Floor, Formative UK Electronica (CD Boxset)
  • Various Artists – Another Splash of Colour (New Psychedelia in Britain 1980-85) (CD Boxset)

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