Emma Pollock – In Search of Harperfield

Emma Pollock’s 3rd album since the disbandment of her majestic former band The Delgados is easily her finest solo release and stands head-to-toe with anything the cult Scots band ever released. Produced by her husband and fellow ex-Delgado Paul Savage, the album has a sumptuous, majestic feel and is equal parts nostalgic, cinematic and moving. The album’s title and cover image make reference to her parents (Harperfield being their first home) and while a sense of deeply felt nostalgia informs the lyrics here they emerge in a somewhat impressionistic manner. There’s hints of some great adolescent sadness and fear taking shape amidst the songs but it’s often kept at a distance.

The arrangements intertwine beautifully with Pollock’s words throughout as cinematic, swelling strings and stirring piano add a baroque, sophisticated air to her naturally melodic indie sound. A staggeringly strong collection of songs this could well be the sleeper hit album of the year!



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