Young Fathers – White Men are Black Men Too

 The boundary pushing Edinburgh trio swiftly return with their second album after winning last year’s Mercury Prize with their debut ‘Dead’. As something of an outside bet for that prize the group seemed somewhat nonplussed by the sudden limelight but instead of letting the prize become an albatross they’ve quickly put themselves back out there with this excellent follow-up. Refusing to be pigeon-holed as a hip hop group (although to be fair they’re far more Anticon then Death Row), the trio have taken the elements that make their sound more compelling and honed them into an arguably superior sound.

The looped melodies at the core of their sound recall the likes of TV On The Radio, LCD Soundsystem and Metronomy, while the clattering beats and chanted vocals that so defined their debut are, while still far from anything resembling chart friendly, certainly infused with accessibility and positivity. In fact the album is a surprisingly uplifting affair, somewhat at odds with the group’s confrontational manner and the album’s provocative title.

Young Fathers have quickly and with minimal fuss proved they are group with longevity at heart and creative freedom in abundance.

*Don’t miss Young Fathers live at this year’s Truck Festival*

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