Todd Terje – It’s Album Time

One of the most anticipated dance albums of recent years has finally landed and it is most definitely worth the wait! As one of the pioneers of Nordic Space-Disco (alongside the likes of Lindstrom and Prins Thomas) Terje has been releasing consistently brilliant singles and remixes for 10 years and has created his own signature sound. It’s Album Time is a vibrant and resolutely sunshiney, upbeat affair, unafraid to splice lounge-core melodies lifted straight from 60’s spy movies (such as those found on Soul Jazz’s excellent recent Inner City Beat! comp) with Giorgio Moroder buzzing bass-lines and seriously infectious Balearic house beats.
This is Fortified Disco of the highest order, at times slinky, at times arms-in-the-air euphoric but always made with sheer class. Terje has even managed to bring in Bryan Ferry to provide vocals on one track suggesting that this could follow Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories as the next big generational crossover classic.

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