Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels 2

When New York MC/producer El-P first hooked up with Atlanta rap behemoth Killer Mike as Run The Jewels many assumed it would be a one-off collaboration, a spin-off from El-P’s production on Mike’s R.A.P Music album. Yet with 2 albums under their belt and a 3rd in the works the indie-rap titans are now firmly planted in the upper echelons of hip hop and are doing it on their own terms.

This is another blisteringly hard-hitting album in which the duo play off each other at breakneck pace over colossal, crunching beats. El-P’s trademark stabbing, stiff production style gives everything here a punchy edge that’s speaker-shakingly powerful.

Of course the brutal disses and hard-nosed bravado are only part of the story as RTJ are one of the most fun outfits in rap today… The men behind the world’s first ever cat remix record clearly don’t take themselves too seriously, but when you’re brimming with this much confidence you can pretty much do what the hell you want! Bring on RTJ3

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