Four Tet – Morning/ Evening

Kieran Hebden’s 8th album as Four Tet is a bold statement. Consisting of just 2 long, sprawling tracks, ‘Morning’ and ‘Evening’, the album sees Hebden simultaneously at his most untethered and most accessible. The opening track is built around a vocal sample of famous Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar, a clear nod towards Hebden’s Indian heritage, which gives the track a dreamy, graceful feel as the track evolves into one of the most beautiful in Four Tet’s repertoire, a 4/4 beat driving things forward while synth-lines drift amiably around the vocal loop. ‘Evening’ emerges from an abstract opening to grow into more of a dancefloor oriented piece, resplendent with chimes and darker beats, it’s own vocal sample overwhelmed as the track builds momentum.

 By allowing these songs to evolve in their own way the album marks another significant release from one of electronic musics most enduring talents.

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