Nonkeen – The Gamble

Nonkeen is an improvisation rooted trio featuring acclaimed German pianist/composer/genius Nils Frahm and childhood friends Frederic Gmeiner and Sebastian Singwald, reunited after initially forming as teenagers in a divided Berlin, from different sides of the wall but breaking up after 1 gig and a freak fairground accident (such a cliche!) to slowly craft this album over 8 years.
Perhaps due to it’s long gestation period the record moves between style and tempo dramatically; from the ambient to the propulsive, from swirling synths to Krautrock rhythms, never staying too long in one style yet equally never feeling disjointed… The trio allow the songs to meander and breakdown all structure at times, suddenly to snap back into form immediately, the sign of a natural connection between players. Proving that ‘experimental’ or improvised music doesn’t necessarily mean difficult to listen to, Nonkeen is also further proof that right now, Frahm can do no wrong!


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