Bjork – Vulnicura

The groundbreaking Icelandic artist returns with her 9th studio album ‘Vulnicara’. Recorded with London based Venezuelan producer Arca and The Haxan Cloak, the album is Bjork’s most heart-wrenching work to date as it deals with, at times in excruciatingly honest detail, the breakdown of aher marriage to artist Matthew Barney. This is Bjork at her most mournful yet deeply powerful, the intimate moments of a relationship on the brink then left in tatters laid bare and almost forensically investigated. The songs often break down to simple string arrangements and uneven, minimal beats with Bjork’s plaintive yet impassioned vocals carrying the shreds of melody, an aural metaphor perhaps for the disintegration of  love. A staggering distillation of pain into beauty.

Available as a CD, limited edition CD, double LP or limited yellow double LP! We also have a series of remixes of tracks from the album on beautiful limited edition 12″

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