Taylor Swift – 1989

Resistance is futile!

Returning with her fourth album, the 24 year old pop sensation has now totally ditched the country-pop schtick which made her a star (but always seemed to get the purists backs up) in favour of an unabashedly joyful 80’s inspired synth-pop sound. Jam packed with instantly infectious hooks, lyrics which mine her personal relationships and a super-slick production, the album shares surface similarities with some of the more throwaway acts out there but rises above the pack through sheer force of personality and quality, impeccably well-written pop songs. Here at Truck Store we’re a broad church and, while many suspect we’re musical snobs, there’s not a lot we like better than a well written pop song (or 15 minute drone of course) and in ‘Shake it Off’ Swift has put out probably the only song capable of dislodging Pharrel’s ‘Happy’ from ear-worm of the year status. This is an album with all the tools to dominate the charts, yet with plenty of heart and wit under the surface to justify a wider level of critical acclaim than many of her peers are afforded.

The most important pop record of the decade.

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