Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – Expatriot

Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, the proudly DIY husband and wife folk duo who have been a big part of both Truck and WOOD festival over the years, return with a sublime 4th album. Aided by another Truck Store alumni and one of the world’s most respected producers, Ethan Johns (lauded for his work with Laura Marling, Ryan Adams, Ray Lamontagne and more), the album is another perfect example of the sheer purity of their music. As ever the songs are centred around the couple’s unique voices; Trevor’s high and piercing, Hannah’s soft and welcoming, which when combined intertwine beautifully and intricately. Lyrically the album is full of politically charged social commentary, tapping into the great Guthrie-Dylan-Seeger tradition of working class protest songs, reflected of course in their self-sufficiant DIY approcah.

These are some of the strongest songs from Trevor and Hannah to date, the title track is a glorious state-of-the-nation address, ‘Up Mercaturia’ is a beautifully realised snap-shot of a failing community, yet they show a more personal and tender side on tracks like ‘Babe to Cradle’ with its dense, Dylan-esque maze of words and the rousing, kid-choir enhanced closer ‘A Better Day’.

Impeccable as ever

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