Israel Nash – Israel Nash’s Silver Season

The man behind one of our favourite shop-play albums of all time returns with another instant classic to muscle its way to the top of the to-play pile in-store! The heroically bearded psychedelic country shaman that is Israel Nash hails from Missouri but now lives in the beautifully named Dripping Springs, just outside of Texas’ music hub Austin, where he has his own studio and crafted this dense, heady trip of an album. Rooted in the cosmic-Americana sound of 1970’s finest canyon’s (Laurel and Topanga!) this is a beautifully crafted, widescreen dream of an album in which weeping pedal steel guitar and subtle mellotron give texture to the classic Americana builds that define the sound, while Nash’s uncanny Neil Young-esque vocal evokes some great frontiersman huddled around a fire wrapped in a poncho looking at the stars!

Alongside artists like Jonathan Wilson, Lord Huron and Fleet Foxes, Israel Nash and his band represent the very finest in warm, expansive and cinematic Americana.


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