Ezra Furman – Perpetual Motion People

Ezra Furman is back and in the form of his life with his brand new album, his first for Bella Union, the twitchily brilliant ‘Perpetual Motion People’. Despite releasing albums since 2006 (either solo or with his band The Harpoons) Furman planted himself firmly into our hearts with his breakthrough album, 2013’s ‘Day Of The Dog’ and fans of that record will be delighted he’s still as restless, weird, charming and edgy as ever, spitting out barbed anthems for perpetual outsiders everywhere across 13 diverse tracks.

The record is one of the year’s most immediate, kicking off with the deranged rockabilly-punk hybrid ‘Restless Year’ and running full pelt through a wide-ranging flurry of influences that sees doo-wop backing vocals clash with clattering alt-rock guitars, wailing saxophone and Furman’s raspy, yelping Frank Black-meets-Jonathan Richman vocal style. Furman takes his sense of dislocation and not-fitting in (in terms of gender, religion, social norms) and wears it as a badge of honour, in the process he’s become iconic. If that makes this sound like a self-indulgent or, dare we say, overly worthy album then it couldn’t be further from the truth. This is celebratory and joy-filled record packed with hummable tunes and hooks, topped off with Furman’s live-wire energy… Utterly essential.

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