Shearwater – Jetplane & Oxbow


A career best return from the Austin outfit… Too early to call album of the year?!

The long-running Austin, Texas outfit, lead by one-time Okkervil River
member Jonathan Meiburg, return with a stunning new album, their 2nd
for Sub Pop. This album sees the band at their most immediate yet also
their most intricate, a bold and deep album infused with huge melodies,
propulsive rhythms and breath-taking musical flourishes throughout.
There are so many influences going into this sound that it almost becomes
a ridiculously enjoyable game of ‘spot the reference’, be it 80’s Bowie
vocal inflections, shimmering Talk Talk guitar textures, the curious
combination of synthesisers and dulcimers that suggest Arcade Fire’s
ability to sound both epic and homely simultaneously or the

booming stadium drum sound The War on Drugs perfected of late.
The group, always open and collaborative, have a secret weapon in the
guise of percussionist Brian Reitzell who is also a respected soundtrack
composer. He adds a cinematic heft to the production which makes this
such a thrilling listen. Equal parts majestic, complex and anthemic, this is
one of 2016s best releases so far

shearwater jetplane

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