Rolando Bruno – Bailazo

Wild & crazy psychedelic Cumbia from Argentina

With artwork that will have you weeping mescaline, Argentinian guitarrista Rolando’s varied career has culminated in this flamboyantly melodic album. Voodoo Rhythm Records have shifted from their usual noisy garage/blues sound to unleash this fruity fusion cumbia number.

Complemented by his previous garage punk work with Los Peyotes, these cumbia songs are beautifully beefed up with fuzzy melodic riffs, echoing 60s-era Peruvian psychedelia. Bailazo intermixes this cumbia with Chinese 60s pop, Levantine dabke and Thai folk melodies, making it irrepressibly danceable.

From the initial ‘El Brujito Ramon’ with its addictive riff, through to ‘Fiesta Trashera’ and its dirty 70s garage rock guitar and to ‘Thai Cumbia’  which seems like its from a Thai martial arts movie, and finally to ‘Soy de Sagitarrio’ and its esoteric lyrics, we see Rolando isn’t just recycling others work but pushing the fonteers of cumbia.

An album that that will tear you a third eye and your house a new dance floor.rolando bruno

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